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Ericka McIntyre

Principal, Ericka McIntyre Editing and Writing A seasoned editor with more than two decades of experience helping authors to polish their prose and navigate the publishing industry.

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With more than 20 years of experience in media and publishing, including as Editor-in-Chief and Editor-at-Large of Writer's Digest, Ericka McIntyre is a seasoned publishing professional. She has worked for publishers large and small, and started her own editorial business in 2011. She development edits, copyedits, line edits, and proofreads for both traditional and self-publishers, with specialties in historical fiction, thrillers, and memoir. Over her career she has worked in multiple genres, and she loves helping authors refine their work and put their best books forward. She is happiest when sharing what she knows about this wild business we call books!

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Elevating Your Book by Working with an Editor

October 16, 2023, 02:40 PM
Ericka McIntyre